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The first memorable French wine I ever tasted was an ’89 Château Margaux that my Parisian host mother insisted I drink to calm my cold during my study abroad year in Paris. I could hardly taste it thanks to the congestion, but the passion with which she spoke about it ignited a fire in me to learn as much about French wine as I possibly could.

Years later, working full-time at a French marketing agency, I soon came to realize that Americans – both in the wine trade and outside of it – found French wine disorienting and confusing, in large part due to linguistic challenges. In July of 2019, I started French Wine Tutor to help them out and created my Instagram handle and blog. The goal was to educate everyone from U.S. consumers to sommeliers about French wine – notably how to pronounce all those tricky words on the bottle. My content also includes wine & food pairings, cheese, and French culinary tradition, French language and travel, and finding affordable French wine – no matter your location.

Since then, French Wine Tutor has collaborated with a wide variety of French regions and wineries: from Maison Louis Jadot to the Cognac Trade Bureau, and even to wineries here at home like Résonance Wines in Oregon. If your brand is looking for le French touch, let’s chat!

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