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Language & Culture

The Complete Pronunciation Guide to Côtes-du-Rhône & Côtes-du-Rhône Villages

Created in Partnership with Côtes du Rhône & Côtes du Rhône Villages The Rhône Valley is renowned the world over …

Language & Culture

7 Great Books for Foodie Francophiles

Especially for those like me who aren’t often easily pulled into reading. Growing up, I was a picky leisure reader. …

Language & Culture

My Favorite Pairings from Big Macs & Burgundy

And why the wine world’s current narrative on food pairings needs a massive overhaul. The concept of wine and food …

Language & Culture

Why This Delicious Franco-Japanese Sake Is About to Have a Moment

And deserves a permanent spot in your liquor cabinet. What do you think would happen if one of the world’s …

Language & Culture

French Media I’m Loving This Summer

Thanks to Netflix, new podcasts, and expanded Spotify access, it’s getting easier and easier to consume French media abroad to keep your…

Language & Culture

How to Stay Bilingual in a Monolingual SocietyHow to Stay Bilingual in a Monolingual Society

Updated: Jul 12, 2021 When you live in the United States, speaking any second language isn’t easy. And it’s especially not …

Language & Culture

The Three Biggest Mistakes You’re Making in French Pronunciation

Updated: Jun 24 This article originally appeared on The Vintner Project. If there’s one thing you don’t have to tell …

Language & Culture

The French Do Things Differently: An Overview

C’est quoi French Wine? All right, I know what you’re all thinking.France isn’t that big a place, but it has …

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