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I’m Loving These French Wines for Women’s History Month

If you think French women don’t tend vines, make their own wines, or own any vineyards, it’s time to think again. It’s March which means…


Do and Hope: Michel Chapoutier’s Hermitage Duo

Two wines perfect to ring in the holiday season. Let’s talk for a minute why I come back to Chapoutier wines again and again – and why…


How I Started My Wine Collection with iDealwine

I’ve lived in a city – whether Washington D.C., Paris, or New York – since 2013. And while my permanent address has had all kinds of…


The Best French Wines for the Holidays

Because if anyone is going to know how to celebrate, it’s definitely going to be the French. Shopping for wines this time of year can be…


Yin & Yang in Pessac-Léognan

Who knew that two wines from the same vintage, appellation, and classification could be so opposite? That’s the magic of French wine….


French Wines I’m Sipping This Autumn

Fall can be a tricky season for wines. The weather changes drastically from one day to the next, parties flirt between outdoor and indoor


A Francophile in the Finger Lakes

Otherwise known as finally starting to enjoy American wines.


The Best in Class from Alsace

I honestly feel like Alsace is the perfect French wine region for the American market, but for some reason, not many people know about


Celebrating National Orange Week à la française!

Everything sounds better in French, that’s just a fact. I mean if you had to choose between “Orange Wine” and …


Rhône Valley Round Up

Updated: Aug 2, 2020 Quarantine has been kinder to me than most. And one of the reasons it’s been so …

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