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2 Top Boutique Hotels For Your Next Trip To Paris

Where to stay for dazzling views, top service, and convenience in the city of lights.

2024 is the Year of Paris. With the Olympics coming up, tourism is top of mind for the entire city – whether they like it or not. And while my favorite place in the world is undergoing some major renovations (the construction is everywhere), transformations (the famous Rue de Rivoli is now pedestrian only!), and more, I was pleased to discover that there are some perfectly situated hotel offerings on the right bank that are quiet, ideally located, and beautiful to visit. Read on for more.

Maison Mère – Cozy in the 9ème

I’ll be perfectly honest: this is the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in, but also one of the most picturesque. The rooms are very tight but perfectly self-contained. You have everything you need within just a few small square feet of space. I loved so many things about Maison Mère, like the fact that you can choose exactly which room you want (not common from my attempts at booking hotel rooms in other spaces!), and that the staff are very friendly – almost like staying with a friend. Its ideal location in the 9th makes it very easy to get around on the right bank. The 9th arrondissement is one of my favorites in Paris – it still has a local feel without being too touristy but it’s close enough to some key landmarks that you won’t spend all day on a bus or in the métro. Maison Mère has a full bar and restaurant and the rooms are all equipped with mini fridges, so if you want to put a bottle of wine in the fridge (I definitely did!), you’ll have ample space to do so. It’s also a place that feels very community-oriented: on Sundays, they host little apéros with staff and guests in both French and English, so you can meet new people and mingle if that’s something you’re into. And how cute is the in-room artwork!

Hôtel Adèle et Jules – Upscale in the 2ème

You’d think being closer to the center of Paris would mean a noisy room – but not so at the stunning Hôtel Adèle et Jules. Tucked away on a tiny, pedestrian-only street, this hotel is actually two properties: the “Adèle” – building 1 – and the “Jules” – building 2. In a direct comparison to Maison Mère, these rooms are expansive, with sizable closets and an easy-to-access elevator to reach the top floors. You won’t be able to choose your room exactly – save for the size and type – so you won’t know if the amenities you’ve chosen (such as a balcony or bathtub) will be in your room until you get there – but the accessibility and the quiet of this place really sell it. You can also order a customized breakfast or coffee to your room (not an option everywhere!), and the staff are extremely accommodating. The 2nd was a bit farther from the areas in Paris I frequent the most, but it is a wonderfully walkable area of Paris, with the Seine, key monuments, and great shopping all within just a five minute walk. I also loved the minimalist, chic look of the interiors – that green velvet!

No matter where you end up staying in Paris, as long as you take the time to properly flâner (wander about) you simply can’t go wrong. Both of these hotels offer fabulous views of the city and great service, making them two of the top boutique hotels in Paris.

Looking for more Paris recommendations? Check out The Paris List or The Gambetta Guide. Enjoy your next trip to the beautiful city of light! Santé !


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