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4 Delicious Restaurants for Diverse Cuisine in Paris

Because dining in modern Paris means exploration.

We’ve all been there. You spend some time in France and you immediately start to crave some classic, delicious French dishes. Sole meunière. Steak frites. Pastries and delectable desserts for days. I get it – I love those things too! But you’d be remiss if you didn’t make the most of modern Paris and all it has to offer – including trying out what Paris has to offer when it comes to diverse food from the four corners of the Earth. Find below a few of my favorite places to eat non-French food in Paris, according to a Francophile who also really loves cuisines from around the globe.


Everyone in Paris is talking about Delhi Bazaar right now, and for good reason. As someone who has loved Indian food for a long time and lives very close to what is known as “Little India” in Jersey City, I eat Indian food a lot, so I had to try this place. Simply put, I was blown away. This is truly flavorful Indian food done right and I can’t say I’ve ever had anything of its caliber stateside. The palak paneer was absolutely phenomenal – featuring some of the freshest paneer I’ve ever had. The fragrant baking spices in the basmati rice perfectly balanced the spices in the naan and paneer. My favorite part? The wine list. It’s as diverse as Indian food is, which is to say you won’t *just* find the stereotypical Riesling / Gewurtztraminer listed there. Instead, you’ll see a little bit of everything, from crémant and Champagne to Grenache-based reds and event dessert wines. If there’s one new restaurant you have time to check out while in Paris, I highly recommend you stop by Delhi Bazaar.


Now in three locations throughout Paris, Miznon is a great spot to go to for delicious Israeli street food. (And bonus – they’ll soon be opening a location in NYC, so we’ll soon be able to get their fantastic falafel sandwiches stateside too!) It’s a great place to go on a budget for dinner or a late night snack. Their French-Israeli fusion pitas (like boeuf bourguignon in a pita with Israeli flair) have left me curious for next time. Don’t forget to get a bag of haricots verts!


This modern Italian eatery is devoted to local, seasonal ingredients and a commitment to authentic Italian cuisine. Bobby’s chef makes their pastas and pizzas from dough to serve from scratch, in house. We loved the melon and burrata salad (“Freschezza”), and the Pesto Trapani pasta was picture and tastebud perfect. Not a spot to be missed! It’s ideally located on the southwest fringe of the 18th arrondissement.


Sushi is another one of my favorite foods to eat while dining out, but the reality is that Paris doesn’t have a ton of solid options here. Koko Bistro in the 19th, right across from the Bassin de la Villette, is out to change that. Not only is there a solid menu of diverse sushi options, but the appetizers and main dishes blend traditional Japanese with modern French ingredients. The result is a modern fusion Japanese restaurant that is as fresh as it is delicious. If you’re heading up to the Parc de la Villette for a taste of local Paris, I highly recommend this spot. Don’t forget to stop by the natural wine bar, Le Comptoir du Canal, on your way out! It’s right next door and has a great list.

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