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My Go-To Bojo Crus

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Beaujolais is one of my top three wine regions in France. It’s consistently affordable, delicious, and underrated. With 10 crus to choose from, there’s sure to be a Beaujolais for every taste and every budget. What’s more, Beaujolais is perfect for the fall season and pairs excellently with all the foods at the Thanksgiving table!

The most popular Beaujolais by far is Morgon. And while I can see why, there’s so much more to Beaujolais than Morgon and Beaujolais Nouveau – let’s branch out a little! Here below are my favorite crus, at various price points and from several winemaking styles.

Here are a few of my #BojoFaves.

1) Régnié: Vin de Chacha, from Epicurieux Beaujolais – $30

Let me preface this by saying I am not a natural wine freak. Generally, I’m not a huge fan. (That warrants a separate post, honestly…) But this Régnié blew my mind! I opened it on a rooftop with my friend Chelsie, and we drank the entire bottle over an afternoon on a rooftop. We had hoped to save it for later but it was just too damn good! Sour cherries, soft plums and a tiny bit of barnyard funk (but in a good way…believe me). This wine was irresistible, and easily worth more than the $30 price tag if I’m honest!

2) Fleurie: Domaine des Marrans – $20

This was the first Beaujolais I ever tasted, and it’s stuck in my mind because it’s the one that got me into the region. Elegant, silky, and bursting with red fruits – if I’m craving Beaujolais in a pinch I’ll be looking for Marrans’ Fleurie.

Ok now I’m dreaming about visiting Domaine des Marrans…

3) Brouilly: Château de la Chaize – $18

Raspberry is king on this Brouilly. If you’re looking to make the transition from Pinot Noir to Gamay this is a great one to go for. A classic Beaujolais at an excellent price.

Apparently I’m just always drinking Beaujolais on a rooftop?

4) Chénas: Domaine Thillardon – $25

Another one on the pricier side, but you know what? This Chénas is worth it. Minimal interventionist brother winemakers Paul-Henri and Charles don’t add sulfites and grow biodynamically. This wine is a bouquet of roses and raspberries.

These are just my top four, but as you can tell, there’s a lot of incredible Beaujolais to be found out there. So, venture out of Morgon and Beaujolais Nouveau – it’s worth it.


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