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Do and Hope: Michel Chapoutier’s Hermitage Duo

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My Favorite Wine Spots in Downtown Jersey City

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How I Started My Wine Collection with iDealwine

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The Best French Wines for the Holidays

Because if anyone is going to know how to celebrate, it’s definitely going to be the French. Shopping for wines this time of year can be…

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Salut ! My name is Katie and I’m the founder of French Wine Tutor. A lifelong American student of the French language, I started this blog and my Instagram page three years ago to help debunk French wine pronunciation – and of course the wines themselves. With a knack for pronunciation and a native understanding of how an English-speaking brain is wired, it’s my mission to democratize French wines and bring them to anyone who wants to learn. No judgment here, I promise! Wine shouldn’t be complicated; it is a beautiful product created by farmers for the simple pleasure of enjoying.

Take a look around and you’ll find travel guides, French language learning tips, my favorite wine bars here at home in Jersey City, and of course, reviews of some of my favorite French wines. Make sure to give me a follow on Instagram or TikTok for some exclusive pronunciation guides. Until then, santé !

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"A meal without wine is like a day without the sun."

- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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